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Email and Spam Fighting Tools

We run an off site, third party spam tool. In addition to the main goal of eliminating spam, this configuration greatly reduces your bandwidth usage and keeps the  servers running faster. We see that over 90% of incoming e-mail is spam. Fortunately, we are able to eliminate most of that before it even hits our servers. It's really a game of defense. We block them, they try new tactics, and we block those. Most of our users do not get very much spam.

The Process

To have your e-mail pass through our spam filters just submit a support ticket and we will get it activated at no cost. By default, your incoming e-mail is protected with our generic implementation of SpamAssassin. For brand new domains, that is a fully acceptable set up.

All e-mail first passes through our automated filters that detect suspected junk e-mail and known viruses. These filters are automatically updated several times a day. While occasional spam may still get through our experience shows that most true junk mail is deleted and will never hit your inbox. Once we complete the set up of your account you are protected via our spam filters. We pro actively manage this to keep on top of the bad guys. However, you should still run scheduled anti virus software on all local machines.

Keeping your personal machine clean is also important. Be careful about what you agree to in the terms of service on those 'free service offers'. Sometimes, the agreement is to 'opt - in' allows your e-mail address to get subscribed to multiple mailing services. That's not spam - you agreed to it.....

One tool many smart web masters use is to encrypt any e-mail addresses on your website. While not a total solution, it can prevent automated web crawlers from easily finding your e-mail address. However, we would recommend that you always have an easily clickable e-mail address on you site.

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