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Outlook Settings - Mailbox Full Error

All e-mail is stored on our web servers until you download it, typically through your Outlook (or other) e-mail program.
One item to double check is the 'Save on Server' setting. That should be set to one month or less. Thus, all your e-mail is backed up on the server for that month and then automatically deleted. This is also a security precaution in case your e-mail is ever hacked - the old e-mails will be gone.

If you save e-mail on the server for a longer time period, especially if some have large attachments, you will eventually fill up your mailbox allocation and will not be able to receive any more e-mails until you clean out the mail on the server. Senders will receive a Mailbox Full error in reply to any e-mails they send to you..

Heres a screen shot from current versions of Outlook - note the setting for 1 month:

Here's a screen shot of the setting from Outlook 2007 - note the setting for 3 days:

Mailbox Full


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