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What Size Hosting Account Do I Need?

For most small business web sites the 'Basic' plan is fine. See our sizing guidelines for more details.

Review of web hosting accounts - how much do you really need ?

Disk Space:

An average web page size, with text and a couple of images and logos can be from 10kb to 50kb. Images can take up a lot of space but if the same image is used on multiple pages there is only one instance of it for the entire site. So, a basic 5 page business website would be much less than 1 MB. A common size for a larger site, possibly with lots of graphics or some basic e-commerce functions, might be 10MB. Mid sized e-commerce sites can be 50MB+.
Note: By optimizing all your images to 72 dpi, your site will take up less space on the server, use less bandwidth, and load faster on any client browser.

Data Transfer / Bandwidth: 

Data transfer is another consideration. If your average page size is 20kb and you get 50,000 page views a month, then you would use 1GB of data transfer a month. However,where some companies get in trouble is with e-mail. Since e-mail is a 'hosted' application, you must consider the bandwidth used. Normal text e-mails might be 5kb. It would take 20,000 text e-mails to reach 1GB of transfer. BUT, attachments, especially graphics and music files, can be huge. Sending or receiving 100 attachments of 2MB would generate 2GB of data transfer a month. A basic plan offers 50GB (that's GIGAbytes) of bandwidth - more than enough for most everyone.
Note: Sending and receiving high resolution graphics will slow down your e-mail and fill up your disk storage space.


1,024KB equals 1MB   |   1,024MB equals 1GB   |   10GB equals 10,240MB


See our Web Hosting Terms of Service here.