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Business Class Web Hosting - Secure and Reliable

wordpress hosting

$2.95 / month
250 MB disk space
25 GB bandwidth
No e-mail / No DB
Great for Blogs &
Brochure Sites
$6.95 / month
500 MB disk space
50 GB bandwidth
10 e-mail accounts
5 databases
Spam Guard
$12.95 / month
1000 MB disk space
100 GB bandwidth
25 e-mail accounts
10 databases
Spam Guard
$29.95 / month
2,500 MB disk space
250 GB bandwidth
100 e-mail accounts
100 databases
Spam Guard

Hosting Sizing Guide - What size do you really need?

Search Engine Friendly

Business class hosting also means search engine friendly. Only clean, business focused websites populate our IP addresses. We use top spam fighting tools and continually monitor server activity. Since page load speed is now formally part of most search engine algorithms, we actively manage and can dynamically increase available bandwidth for unexpected traffic spikes. We do not oversell bandwidth capabilities. i.e.; no 'unlimited bandwidth' accounts. Your site is granted bandwidth burst capability, based on available server resources. However, a traffic spike on another website won't affect your website performance.

Managed Web Hosting

We manage our web servers with two main priorities; Security and Reliability. We utilize Linux based web servers with Apache and suPHP for speed and security. In addition, our servers are actively managed to protect against various web vulnerabilities and to provide for optimum page load speeds. Our software is always updated to the latest stable release versions available.

Some discount hosting providers load too many websites on a single server, offering huge disk space and bandwidth allowances. Thus, your website is vulnerable to the activities of you server neighbors. i.e.; if another website has a huge traffic spike, all websites hosted on that server are affected - everyone had speed and load time issues. other websites on the server can get 'Page Not Available' errors. Also, by allowing any type, age or version of PHP scripts to be automatically loaded and accepted will make the website vulnerable to attacks. This creates frustration and expense for everyone. Our servers are tightened up and you may sometimes need to ask us to open up a port or allow a script to run. A little extra effort in the initial set up process that keeps things secure for everyone.

Business Class Web Hosting - a secure, professional approach to hosting business websites.